I’ve been a diabetic since the last 6 years becoming one gave me wings and now I can fly. I have become obsessed with sports, nutrition, wellness, getting shredded, adventures and extreme sports and, I am on a journey to find the key element in people’s life that brings them joy and longevity!

My search for these things have made me cross the globe once and I am pretty darn sure that I am going to do that again!

I have not only been suspected as the Fittest Diabetic in India but have been featured across the nation for my contribution to diabetic fitness and wellness to people. 70% of the supplement industry today in India is supplying duplicate unauthentic products. This is running a havoc here in India with contra band products and the use of harmful ingredients for making a quick buck. I decided to fight this, and I wish to get support of you guys, It is actually possible to give India truly International ultra-premium supplements at normal prices and that is what my vision is! So, go ahead and try all my products without any inhibitions as I can assure you personally I vouch for every ingredient.

In my years of research, I found out that India is facing an epidemic and sadly we are not taking it seriously at all. That's right, almost 75% of Indian diets are protein deficient. Due to various lifestyles and cultural reasons more than 95% of our population is either not aware of this crucial fact or simply not concerned about the ideal protein requirement.

Being a diabetic most my life I can personally vouch for the crucial role protein plays in our lives. Protein deficiency causes fatigue, low energy, muscle depletion, accelerated aging and low immunity.

Not all of us our lucky to find our purpose our “resion de etre or Ikigai or flow “ , but through my disorder mine became much more clear to me and here I stand today doing what I love the most Giving the world a healthier and a cleaner way to live life !!!!!