FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Metal Carved Whey

Is Carved whey 100% natural?

Yes, it is 100% natural. Metalcarved Whey from cows that are Grass-fed on family farms and we make sure that these cows are feed on diet without the use of steroids, genetically modified feed, etc which is not good for cow’s milk.

Where does 100% natural Metalcarved whey come from?

We only source the best premium Whey concentrate all the way from Ireland and New Zealand

Is 100% natural Metalcarved whey rBGH/rBST free?

Yes, the diet of these cows is completely free of any chemical additives, antibiotics and genetically modified feed and these cows are not injected with milk-producing hormones for getting more milk.

What are the nutrition facts for 100% natural Metal Carved whey?

The Nutrition facts of Carved Whey are:

Is 100% natural Metalcarved whey acid treated?

100% natural Metalcarved whey is made from cold processed method by using enzymes for separating the whey from the fat. None of the harmful chemicals or acids are used during manufacturing process (chemicals/acids destroys the amino acids).

Is 100% natural Metalcarved whey processed at low temperatures?

100% natural Metalcarved whey is processed at low temperatures in order to protect the nutrients in their natural state. Most of the whey available in market is made by heat processed method which rips the whey of its nutrients, makes it acidic, & which destroys micronutrients which are immune -supportive and damages amino acids. On the contrary 100% natural Metalcarved whey protein is processed at low temperatures to keep the nutrients intact

What is the serving size?

One time serving size is 32 grams which contains 24 grams protein, 5 grams bcaa and 4 grams glutamine.

Do I have to use a full serving size?

Yes, you must and for optimal results you should consume one serving at least 1 to ½ hr before your workout and one serving just after completing your workout.

Is there any side effect of having Metalcarved whey?

No, you can have as much you desire. There is no side effect of our protein.

Why doesn’t 100% natural Metalcarved whey add any fillers or synthetic flavors?

A good and high quality 100% natural whey protein doesn’t need any added synthetic flavors or any of the fillers to taste great. 100% natural Metalcarved whey is delicious and taste’s awesome just by adding natural flavors which is one of the most important qualities of high quality whey protein. In addition, one can always add it to shakes, milk, protein bars to suit to individual’s taste buds.

How should 100% natural Metalcarved whey be stored once it is opened?

Our whey comes in individual serving size pouches, so customer need not worry about storage issues. All the storage and handling issues are taken care by us already.