How to eat like a body builder??

If you are interested in body building, the first thing you have to learn apart from training hard is how to make a body builders Diet Plan. You need to eat like body builders if you want to become like them, don’t worry Metalcarvd Fitness will help you all the way. Let us start with 5 most important things you need to do right away!

Eat, Eat, Eat

Body Building Is an Exact Science, the Only Way You Can Become Big Is to Increase Your Daily Calorie Intake, Now to Do That You Need to Know Your Basal Metabolic Rate (bmr) So That You Can Calculate How Many Calories Extra You Need to Eat. You Can Calculate Your Bmr by Googling “calculate Bmr” Follow the Link and Enter Body Weight, Age and Activity.

Post Workout Meal

When You Do Weight Training You Burn Calories and Cause a Certain Degree of Muscle Damage Which Adapts and Grows With the Correct Nutrition Strategy. Replace What You Lost During Exercise and Aim to Consume Between 300 – 600 Calories from Carbohydrate and Protein Rich Sources Such Kheer With Peanut Butter, a Metalcarved Fitness Realgainz Shall Do the Trick Because it Has High Amounts of Carbs , the Right Amount of Protein and the Right Amount of Sugars or Fish 200 Gm and Sweet Potato 250 Grams and a Banana.

Protien Distribution

To Support Muscle Growth, Aim to Consume Between 1.4 – 2g Protein Per Kilogram Body Weight (g/kg Bw) Per Day from High Quality Sources Such as Meat, Fish, Eggs, Nuts and Dairy Products. for Example, an 80 Kg Individual Will Need Between 112g – 160g Protein Per Day. Resist the Urge to Double Down and Add an Extra Scoop of Protein Powder to Your Shaker as There’s a Limit to How Much Protein Your Body Can Optimally Use Per Dose. Be Smart With Your Protein and Spread it Evenly Throughout the Day in 4 to 5 Doses.

No Junk Sir !!!

Increasing Calories Doesn’t Mean You Eat Anything and Everything to Gain Your Weight. When We Talk About Gains We Mean Muscle Gains and If You Eat Junk Like Biscuits , Chips , Juice , Samosa, Candies , Cake You Will Gain Fat Weight . Even Though You’re Upping Your Calorie Intake, Increasing Body Fat Is Not the Idea. Think of Nutrition as the Fuel to Your Body Building Vehicle. If You Fill the Tank With Sub-par Fuel You Won’t Be Able to Put the Mileage In. Clear Out Your Fridge and Cupboards of All the Goodies You Know You Won’t Need and Stock up on Nutrient Packed Foods.

Eating After Dinner

Getting in All the Extra Calories Per Day Can Be a Real Struggle. Introduce a Casein Rich Snack Before Bed Time to Get in the Much-needed Calories and a Source of Protein That Will Drip Feed Amino Acids (building Blocks of Protein) Into Your System as You Sleep. Casein Is a Dairy Protein That Can Be Found in Cottage Cheese, Milk and Other Dairy Sources. Just Eat 150 Grams of Paneer After 2 Hrs of Diner.

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