Founder Metal CarvedAMIT

I’ve been a diabetic since the last 6 years becoming one gave me wings and now I can fly. I have become obsessed with sports, nutrition, wellness, getting shredded , adventures and extreme sports and also find the key element in peoples life that brings them joy and longevity ! My search for these things have made me cross the globe once and I am pretty darn sure that I am going to do that again!

I have not only been suspected as the Fittest Diabetic in India but have been featured across the nation for my contribution to diabetic fitness and wellness to people.

Not all of us our lucky to find our purpose our “resion de etre or Ikigai or flow “ , but through my illness mine became much more clear to me and here I stand today doing what I love the most faffing away to a bunch of random people who have never seen my face before !!!!!



Young at heart and he plans to be 18 till he dies, a supercar enthusiast a brilliant mind and an aggressive entrepreneur, Sanjeev Brings on board Over 30 years of expertise in critical start-up and coordinating rapid-growth market expansions. Expert hands-on experience as a visionary and strategic planner in leading, directing, articulating, advancing, and evaluating overall strategic and tactical planning. Extensive administrative, operational, fiscal, and program management. Outstanding experience in building, developing, managing, and directing organizations to success.

Versatile, dynamic, Executive Officer providing decisive leadership, management, and guidance with a proven ability to dramatically increase revenues in intensely competitive environments. Strong organizer, motivator, team player with an established record of success in identifying new and emerging business opportunities. Highly skilled in developing operational strategies and directing major marketing projects from original concept through implementation. Areas of expertise in:

  • Strategic & Tactical Planning
  • Broad Experience in all aspects of international sales & marketing
  • Strategic Partnerships, Joint ventures & Alliances
  • Staff Management and Development
  • Building and maintaining professional relationships