Carved Raw Protein



Everyday Raw Whey protein concentrate powder is an all-natural undenatured source of protein prepared by cold processing and ultra filtering grass-fed cows milk. This easily digestible formula contains essential amino acids to support your immune system and help meet your dietary requirements. Everyday Whey is the perfect way to increase protein into your diet! Metalcarved Fitness Grass-fed, hormone-free Everyday Whey has been carefully prepared to a high standard at low temperatures from cows who graze on grass and have not been treated with hormones, ensuring top quality undenatured whey protein with high amino acid content and 82% natural biologically active protein.

Raw Whey Protein is a complete source of essential amino acids and is rich in BCAAs. This is specially designed for easy digestibility while fulfilling your daily protein requirements in the purest way possible. This is an ultra-premium whey concentrate specially made from grass-fed dairy all the way from Europe and New Zealand. The cows are 100% anti-biotic, growth hormone and steroid free. This protein is enriched with Vitamin E, A, and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for healthy bones and joints along with a healthy heart.

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