Six Packs Abs

Great so you have landed on this much obvious page! You are obsessed with a Six pack (Nothing wrong with that, even I am lol !)

Great so you have landed on this much obvious page! You are obsessed with a Six pack (Nothing wrong with that, even I am lol !)

A visible six pack is usually a sign of:
  • Great Discipline
  • Clean eating
  • Proper Training

It means that your hours of workout and hours of meal prep is finally working and the results are visible. However, I would like to point out that abs are not just for the selfies, focus on what are the real reasons you need them for . Having strong abs helps stabilize your core, and can increase your gains in other exercises too. Stay focused on what really counts. Here are some very important tips for a great Six Pack that I follow:

TIP 1: Core is the fulcrum. Plank it up!

The foundation of great looking abs is in the core! You need to build your core muscles regularly and that will build strength in your spine to support. Planking involves stabilizing these muscles; it’s basically a push-up without the pushing. Rest your forearms on an aerobic step and bring your knees off the floor; hold this position for 30-60 seconds and keep your tummy tucked in and your bottom down. Focus on other key ab exercises such as jack-knifing and crunches – you can use an exercise ball to maintain the best form.

TIP 2 : Cardio your way to Abs

A lot of unwanted fat is shed through regular cardiovascular training. You need to make sure that your Cardio is intense, following a good H.I.I.T regime helps. Just make sure you do not over train as you are just here to lose fat and not muscle. We need to build muscle to look fantastic and extra cardio sometimes will eat your muscles away. Limit your Cardio sessions to 2.5 hours per week.

TIP 3: Stop Junking!

Exercise alone will not help you get clarity of abs, You need to stay off the junk ( all fine flours, sweet things, juices, Cakes, Fried items ) It’s important to load up on protein so that your body has something to sculpt those abs with too; go for chicken and fish for main meals, and snack on good fats like nuts and seeds. A good supplement like protein cookies and bars also serve as an excellent snack for your goal.

TIP 4: Planks and Crunches

Crunches are great for getting a six pack and they’re better for your back compared to a full sit up. You can save a lot of the stress on your spine by only lifting the upper part of your back from the floor and a crunch will still work your abs just as effectively. You can use the Swiss ball to sit on, but make sure you are lying fully back and looking up at the ceiling when you start – many people sit too far forward.

Use a mirror to check your form when planking, because it’s easy to let it slip. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles, with your hips not breaking the flow. If you want to progress, don’t add weights: try losing one of your points of contact with the floor. The plank is all about building core strength and stability, so make yourself unstable by lifting one foot off the ground. Swap over every ten seconds to really work the abs.

TIP 5 : Calorific deficit

Drop your calorie intake, just enough to trigger your body into using some stored fat as energy. A 500-cal a day reduction should be enough as long as you remember to eat regularly, taking in plenty of protein and water.

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