Types of DIETS around the world

Here is a list of all the diets that are famous around the world , its an interesting read and who knows you might just find your match.

FODMAP diet It’s harsh: cut out bread, garlic, onions, many fruits and some vegetables, artificial sweeteners, honey and dairy products.

No sugar As simple as it sounds. You forego the substance that’s the prime culprit in the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the west.

Eating clean – No processed food Manufacturers cannot be trusted or policed and will add whatever to food. Weight loss is usual. You win either way.

No bacon The salts used in curing meat have been declared a carcinogen. But chiefly when heated. Solution: air-dried ham for breakfast.

The paleo diet Not for creationists, this fashionable diet serves up what our ancestors ate 2.5m years ago. Definitely good for the waistline; less so for the pleasure centres.

The pre-biotic diet It’s not what you eat, it’s what your gut bacteria eat. So boost them with feasts of raw garlic, leek, banana, bran…

Satiation Choosing foods to trigger the hormones that tell your brain your stomach is full is an idea still on the nutrition scientists’ drawing boards. But drink two glasses of water before a meal and you’ll eat less.

Gluten free Just as Gwyneth Paltrow launched her line of GF readymeals (kale ravioli, anyone?) the scientists who thought gluten was the villain in digestive tract problems changed their minds. More GF dieters gain weight than lose it.

Bone broth A paleo dieter’s favourite – 12 hours simmering animal bones produces a collagen-heavy elixir that removes wrinkles, heals your gut and – according to basketball star Kobe Bryant – mends tendons. Science: doubtful.

Low fat Fifty years of advice was wrong. Turns out animal fats are not in themselves a cause of heart disease. Also they aren’t just better for you than margarine and other substitutes, but not eating them may harm children’s development and your own health.

The Lucky Strike diet Fags instead of food works, as models and ballet dancers know. But while eating lots of fried bacon increases your chance of cancer by 35%, taking up smoking pushes it by 2,500%.

Vegan People who eat nothing from animals are a little healthier and live a couple of years longer than average, but that is probably due to other lifestyle factors – vegans are usually pretty well behaved. New science on the gut microbiome and human genetics shows that cutting out meat and dairy is not right for all.

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