Wellness Workshop for the corporate Human

It is no longer a secret that Great Businesses commit to excellent employee health because healthy, motivated people perform better and experience greater success. Our corporate wellness workshops and programs are designed to enhance healthy employee outcomes, help individuals to age better, Help them reduce stress and tension, create a renewed sense of physical well-being, motivate them , sharpen mental skills, increase their physical fitness levels , transform attitudes, outlooks, compassion and understanding of life in general.

Our wellness coaches are experts in their fields, ranging from nutrition consultants, Neuro Language Program Experts, Certified life coaches Fitness and Anti-Aging Experts, All of our educators have a minimum of two-year’s experience and specialize in corporate wellness.

Wellness Workshop for the corporate Human includes
Nutrition, Anti-Aging & Healthy Living, Exercise & Physical Fitness and Self-Care & Personal Development . This workshop is perfect for on-site lunch-and-learns or to provide as an employee incentive after work.

Duration : 5 Hours
Batch Size : 8 to 30
Email Info@metalcarvedfitness.com

Glimpses From the Past Workshop

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